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Saint-Gobain is Global Top Employer 2022

Saint-Gobain has been certified as a Global Top Employer for the seventh consecutive year. Among 20 criteria analyzed by the Top Employers Institute, Saint-Gobain has made significant progress this year in 17 of them, with very significant results in: Employer Brand, Employee Engagement, Work Environment, Talent Acquisition, and Off-boarding; we have also had special mentions in Values and Ethics & Integrity, and in the Business Strategy, Leadership and People Strategy criteria.

In addition, we were recognized as Regional and Argentina Top Employers for the fifth consecutive year in both cases, on account of our development of the best Human Resources practices for all the people who work at Saint-Gobain.

What is it to be a Top Employer?

The Top Employer seal rewards the best global companies by examining aspects that include the organization's professional development and human resources processes in each of its countries. It is a seal awarded locally by country, then by region and finally, by accumulation, globally.

hogar mejor para todos

We work every day to build a better home for everyone

At Saint-Gobain we work by observing the present, thinking about how to improve the future. We create innovative ideas and solutions, and develop efficient products and materials that are paving the way to a sustainable future. Our team works together and creatively every day to build a better home for everyone.

Nuestro propósito

Our #Purpose

At Saint-Gobain Argentina we are proud to be able to reveal and share our #Purpose, as a result of the exchange between almost 15,000 collaborators around the world.  Undoubtedly, #purpose means a before and after in the history of Saint-Gobain, and marks a new course for our future.  In this way, we maintain our commitment to design, manufacture and distribute materials and solutions that generate a positive impact on our lives and that collaborate with the care of the environment in order to build a better world.

Neutralidad de CO2 para el año 2050

CO2 neutrality by 2050

At Saint-Gobain we established the path that we will follow in the coming years to reach our goal: CO2 neutrality by 2050.  As one of the actors committed to the cause, we have a great responsibility.  Our strategy center is and will continue to be the environment; we are continuously working to find new solutions to environmental challenges.

EHS YES! 2020

EHS YES! 2020

In Saint-Gobain Argentina, we celebrate EHS YES! 2020, an event that we hold simultaneously every two years around the world.  The main focus of the meeting is on caring for the environment, health and safety.  We know that although this year was difficult, we have made significant efforts to face the challenges.  We adapt quickly, ensuring the safety and well-being of our teams, developing our businesses and protecting our planet. We continue working every day to reaffirm our commitment, and achieve our purpose of making the world a more beautiful and sustainable place to live.

Seguridad Sanitaria

Sanitary security

At Saint-Gobain Argentina, we believe that the crisis generated by Covid-19 is an opportunity to reinvent and improve ourselves.  Today we have the opportunity to rethink the terms of safety in the construction industry, to get ahead and build a safer and more sustainable future for all.  Although the regulations governing access to the workplace are extremely precise and very restrictive, now it is our turn to take care of personal protection measures, to improve health and safety on construction sites.

Movilidad más sostenible

More sustainable mobility

In order to generate more sustainable mobility, we first have to envision the planet as our shared home. We are convinced that the mobility we use today can be transformed into the sustainable mobility of the future. Our focus is on making changes and generating solutions in the relationship we have with the public space and the way we move in it.  We have the responsibility and the power to generate new transportation systems, more efficient in resources, and that guarantee the well-being and safety of both passengers and the rest of the world.

Hogar: una vivienda diseñada para durar

Home: a living space designed to last

Housing is a great challenge, because it is the entry point for economic, social and cultural inclusion.  That is why at UN-Habitat, we see the challenge not only in building homes, but also in building the cities of tomorrow for resilient communities in order to provide a better life for all.  We actively collaborate with institutions and companies in order to promote sustainable construction, explain its importance, demonstrate its viability and thus accelerate the pace of market transformation.  This is the foundation of our partnership with the World Green Building Council, whose Better Places for People campaign we support.  We also contribute to the work of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development on decarbonization and the circular economy.  Finally, we are a member of the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction, which helps governments accelerate their transition to low-carbon buildings.



In Saint-Gobain Argentina we join the #SomosUno initiative that brings together Argentine entities, organizations and companies in order to be able to help one million families in vulnerable situations in the face of a health emergency through care packages including food and hygiene items. In the #CommunityOfConstruction we join #SomosUno to build a better present.
Join in, your help is important.

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