Saint-Gobain Argentina

Saint-Gobain develops, manufactures and commercializes products and solutions for the well-being of each of us and the future of all of us. These materials are found in our habitat and in our daily lives: in buildings, transportation, infrastructure, as well as in numerous industrial applications. Their performance bring us comfort and safety, while meeting the challenges of sustainable construction, efficient resource management and climate change. We are a world leader in the habitat sector, with a presence in 75 countries and more than 168,000 collaborators.

"We understand the client's needs because we create a relationship of closeness and trust.

Innovation is in our DNA, and therefore we agilely seek constant transformation to empower teams and make decisions, thus implementing constructive leadership.

We are a company that respects diversity and promotes inclusion, acting every day to make the world a more beautiful and sustainable place to live in.

Leadership in the habitat market entails the great social responsibility of facilitating access to decent housing for our entire community, together with our firm commitment to sustainability policies to take care of the environment."

Mariano Bo
CEO Argentina, Chile and Peru

Saint-Gobain Argentina

Plantas Industriales

Industrial Plants

Oficinas comerciales y administrativas

Commercial and administrative offices

Centros de Distribución

Distribution Centers

Sucursal comercial Megaflex

Megaflex commercial branch

Our brands

Weber, Megaflex, Isover, Norton, Sekurit, TekBond, Pam, Tuyango, Placo are some of the strongest brands we have in Saint-Gobain. Based and built on two very important pillars, construction and high-performance solutions, our brands have the greatest freedom to conduct their businesses, taking advantage of synergies and relationships with other Saint-Gobain departments.

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