Incorporated into Saint-Gobain in 2017, and joining forces with Weber in Argentina, Megaflex is committed to innovation and the quality of its products, positioning itself as a leading company in waterproofing, offering waterproofing solutions for walkable areas with reduced access termination, of contact application, underfloor solutions and complementary products for the installation and maintenance of membranes.

Oriented to the protection of the habitat of people and their material goods, through products that guarantee impermeability both in the prevention and in the solution of existing problems, we assume the commitment to provide an excellent service, focusing on seeking the best for our customers through active listening and compliance with marketing guidelines in a timely manner.

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"Throughout its history, Megaflex has promoted the improvement in the quality of construction systems by raising the quality standards of its products and training builders, applicators and professionals on construction techniques and methods throughout the country. We have joined with the Weber teams, consolidating our position as the undisputed leader in waterproofing, and today we offer the broadest portfolio of products in the construction industry."

Fabian García

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Impeccable terraces all year round

Terraces in buildings and houses are usually a meeting point, multitasking as solarium or just spaces where people have fun. These spaces are exposed to inclement weather and can deteriorate rapidly, which is why, to maintain them, they require special protection. Megaflex walkable membranes are an ideal and aesthetic solution. Geotrans is a membrane specially designed for this use, with great resistance to impact and foot traffic.

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3 steps and goodbye damp walls

The most common pathologies are those generated by leaks of rainwater from the roofs and it is possible to detect them through the dark spots that appear on the walls. It is important to fix them as soon as they are discovered since they can have significant consequences. To avoid t heirappearance, correct waterproofing is essential, with products designed for this purpose. The membranes with NOCRACK technology from Megaflex are extremely flexible and resistant to cracking due to the aluminum coating with this technology, unique on the market.

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