ISOVER is the international division of the Saint Gobain Group dedicated to sustainable insulation, and is the world's leading producer of glass wool and rock wool insulating materials. With a wide range of products and solutions, it has been present in Argentina for more than 60 years, providing sustainable solutions for architecture, industry and engineering. Fully committed to complying with legislation in force, energy saving requirements and caring for the environment.

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"A decent home is one of the most important wishes that people can ever have. At ISOVER Argentina we develop solutions that provide comfort and safety to the occupants, paying special attention to the environment, not only during the production process but also by favoring sustainable construction, promoting energy savings and reducing CO2 emissions."

Leandro Garciandia
General Director

Isover News

Isover, Present at Base Marambio

In line with the actions carried out approximately 5 years ago at the Marambio Base to improve the energy efficiency of the building envelopes, reduce energy use and improve the interior quality/comfort of the residents, Isover joined the consortium of companies bent on achieving the INTI ANTARCTIC seal. This joint initiative aims to improve energy efficiency by reducing the use of the main resource: Antarctic diesel. Under this premise, on December 4 we traveled to the Argentine base with the team led by Arch. Tomás Bernacchia, belonging to the INTI, and for a week we trained members of crew No. 50 with permanent instructions on the benefits of using ISOVER glass wool to reduce energy use and sky-high costs, reach a first level thermal resistance and avoid the existing condensation pathologies in the pavilions to be treated. Finally, a practical installation course was also held.

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Benavente Hall and Rotonda Dance Rehearsal Room of the Teatro Colón

Within the celebrations of the Bicentennial of the May Revolution, the Teatro Colón, a landmark of Argentne national culture, reopened its doors after a long process of restorations and functionality reassignations. The master plan included the transformation of the old Saulo Benavente scenography workshop located in the third basement, into a spectacular opera rehearsal room, the renovated Sala Benavente hall. In addition, dance rehearsal rooms were fitted out, including the Rotonda Room. Download works report

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