We have been Latin America's leaders in original automotive glass for more than 80 years.

We belong to the Saint-Gobain Group, with more than 350 years of engineering experience and a determined commitment to innovation, which is part of our strategy and the key to our international success.

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"At Sekurit, we work daily on the continuous improvement of our original glasses. With more than 80 years in the global automotive glass industry, our technology has a quality that makes us leaders in the local market. We are not satisfied. We are constantly searching for challenges, that's why we continue to innovate to offer our customers the best experience in their glass."

Jesuino Davila
General Manager

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At Sekurit, we keep moving forward to provide the best service.

We have immediate delivery!

We deliver our original crystals in 24 hours.

We ship to all of the Federal Capital and Greater Buenos Aires, with no minimum quantity and in daily deliveries.

Saint-Gobain Sekurit joins the commitment to environmental care

Today's world presents us with many challenges as we seek to limit energy waste, conserve natural resources, and reduce our environmental impact.

At Saint-Gobain Sekurit we believe it is necessary to reinvent the industrial world and, in particular, create sustainable factories. We must undertake some far-reaching changes if we are to successfully achieve the necessary transformations. The "sustainable factory" concept promises better and more efficient production, with less consumption of raw materials, energy and labor. The path to get there consists of a set of agreed and environmentally friendly objectives in the medium and long term.


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