Weber, a world leader in ready-mixed mortars, develops solutions for construction and renovation in 64 countries. With more than 20 years of presence in Argentina, we offer a complete range of mortar-based solutions for the renovation and construction of buildings.

At Weber, we believe that the most important thing in the construction industry is taking care of people and their environment.

We make our clients' lives easier, more convenient and more comfortable, providing solutions that promote sustainable construction.

Solutions for facades and external thermal insulation, for laying ceramics and natural stones, for floors: mineral-based products and systems, for all types of waterproofing, for plastering and masonry concrete and mortar works.

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"In each work that begins, in each renovation, there is a dream to fulfill. And the actors who participate to make them happen are many. We want to be an ally throughout the process.

Through our products, constructive solutions and services, we seek to make works an increasingly agile, simple and clean process, so that more people can afford to build."

Fabian García

N° 1 brands in the Argentine construction industry


Ceresita is the No. 1 brand in waterproofing in Argentina, with a 90-year history deeply rooted in the construction industry, to the point of becoming a generic name in the field of construction. Of irreplaceable quality, Ceresita is synonymous with safety and waterproof protection from the beginning of the work.

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Tacurú is the undisputed multipurpose plastic additive on the market. Tacurú, the indispensable ally in any construction or renovation at different stages of work, is widely recognized for its prestige and sustained growth.

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