Tuyango had its beginnings in 1933, in Piedras Blancas, Province of Entre Ríos. It was founded by Mr. Pedro Pablo Bardín and in 1938, with the founding of IGGAM, Tuyango became one of its main products.

The Tuyango brand became a benchmark for quality and plasterers' preference.

In 2006, Saint-Gobain acquired IGGAM, generating a specific business unit for the manufacture and commercialization of plasters called Yesos Tuyango.

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"The seriousness and commitment of our collaborators over almost 90 years, made the slogan "The plaster chosen by those who know" a distinctive characteristic of Tuyango. In recent years, under the guidance of Saint-Gobain, we have grown in technology and in caring for the environment, maintaining the quality and excellence that have been recognized by the main works in Argentina."

Leandro Garciandia
General Director

Tuyango News

Alvear Tower

Alvear Tower Puerto Madero is a real estate project under construction, its completion estimated for 2018, which proposes to be the tallest residential skyscraper in Argentina, located in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires. Alvear Tower is declared the tallest tower in Argentina at 235 meters. The most relevant project in the city, which will change the perspective from which we see Buenos Aires. With units of up to 500 m² and rooms 3.3 meters high from floor to ceiling. Its interior is resolved with Tuyango Projectable SG gypsum-based plaster systems of mechanical application for interior walls and ceilings.

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Palacio Raggio

In 2006, the Raggio Palace Trust company acquired the Raggio Palace located in a historical heritage protected area in Buenos Aires. This 20,000 m2 building has been illegally appropriated by 246 families since the late 1980s. At the beginning of the renovation project, the French academic-style building was in a deplorable state. The design involved both the recovery of the building by repairing the facades and reorganizing the internal layout. The goal was to build a highly aesthetic residential and commercial area. However, technical and logistical challenges required high-quality workmanship and expertise. Its interior has been solved with Tuyango Projectable SG gypsum-based plaster systems of mechanical application for interior walls and ceilings, which was a great challenge, since initially only the use of the traditional system (lime, cement and sand) was specified; the on-site incorporation of this system allowed to achieve optimizations in the initially foreseen costs.

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