Tekbond arrived in Argentina at the end of 2018 and positioned itself as a brand with a clear differential: the breadth of its portfolio, enabling it to be part of people's lives in the industrial, professional, personal, and artisan fields. It is in pursuit of this dream that it has adapted to various needs according to the user and commercial channel.
In the case of adhesives, Tekbond has products that work and can bee applied on different materials. Thus, cyanoacrylates of various viscosities can be appreciated; anaerobic adhesives for sealing; a complete line of silicones: acetic, neutral and water-based, spray adhesive line, pva glues, wood glue, polyurethane adhesives, MS Hybrid Technology Adhesives, adhesive tapes and many more products.
Tekbond offers its Artesanato line: the first line of adhesives developed for Craft Activities, which help to guarantee a long-lasting bonding and a perfect finish. In addition, Tekbond has aerosol products such as the Super Color line of quick-drying acrylic paints; the TEKSPRAY line for different applications (multipurpose lubricant, hydro-repellent petroleum jelly, among others) and its line of expansive foams.

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"The spirit of the development of Saint-Gobain Abrasives and Adhesives is based on tuning in with our customer's focus, the technology of the products and the broad solution to the needs of our users. This is possible thanks to the professionals who are part of our solid team."

Sergio Giangreco
Saint Gobain Abrasives and Adhesives Business Director

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With the aim of continuing to expand itse portfolio and adapting to the needs of the brand's consumers and clients, Tekbond Argentina is betting on a new launch within its line acrylic aerosol paints.

The Supercolor Tekbond aerosol paints already had the following presentations: general use line (glossy, matte and pastels), the metallic line, in addition to fluorescent colors and high temperature aerosols. All of them in their 350ml / 250g version.

The novelty is that now this complete line comes in its 200ml / 140g version, giving its consumer the option of choosing the weight that adapts best to the work they need to do.

It is also noted that both presentations maintain their exclusive anatomical nozzle to make application of the product more precise, the sample of real color on the can, its fast-drying quality and excellent coverage.

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